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If you receive a gift certificate for your birthday or the holidays, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you do not have to use it immediately.

Do Gift Certificate Laws Apply to Coupons?

However, if the gift cert was a donation, then they can have an expiration date. Do stores get reimbursed for accepting expired manufacturer's coupons? Which manufacturer coupons and coupon codes never expire?. | 0 Comments. California law on expired coupons. See the link to the original question on Yahoo! However, coupons may not meet the requirement.

The gift certificate law provides additional protection for those who either buy or receive a gift certificate. The law states that any restaurant or other party involved in retail goods and services must honor its gift certificates for at least two years for gift certificates issued only in paper form, or at least five years for gift certificates issued in other forms, such as electronic cards or other mediums.

If there is an expiration date, it must be listed on the gift certificate. Service fees, including service fees for dormancy or inactivity, are prohibited. The law does not cover all vouchers or certificates issued by restaurants or retailers. Rebates and incentive programs.

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The following definitions apply only to rebates and incentives offered to you by third parties: Discount is a reduction in the purchase price your customer is required to pay in order to receive the merchandise. Jun 06, Thank you for your clarification, E.

What to Do with Expired Coupons?

There is a lot of mixing of legal doctrines here, so please allow me to clarify: 1 California or other states having a law that disallows expired coupons is an urban myth. This is not true coupons can and do expire if they have an expiration date. Can coupons legally expire in California?

I have a coupon that expired yesterday for 25 of a purchase of 50 or more from Casual Male and their manager said they would not be able to honor it. Jul 25, Hello, The answer is yes. If the coupon has an expiration date, then coupons expire within that time.

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October 18, The store manager has the sole discretion to accept, decline, or limit the number of coupons or items used or purchased during a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day. This protects all parties involved, especially merchants, and encourages repeat sales. In Other News. Vibing with CJ Tate on the L. In the nine states where state law rules that gift cards can never expire, including in California, Colorado, Louisiana, and Maine, the stricter state law supersedes the federal law. Licensed and practicing attorney experienced in consumer protection law.

If there is no expiration date, then default law applies. According to UCC Article 2, a coupon can be seen as an offer, and an offer without an expiration date expires in a reasonable time.

Why Expired Groupons Don’t Really Expire

Great question Steve. The answer is: NO, there is no such law regarding restaurant coupons not expiring.